I have now finished a book on the journey I did in Norway. It is called ‘Norway: The Outdoor Paradise’ This colour book, with over 800 photos and maps and 300,000 words, is a comprehensive narrative of the journey and a good guidebook the outdoors in Norway.  It can be purchased from Amazon or another online retailer using the ISBN number 9780955049712 to search for it. Some sample pages can be seen on my website www.scandinavianmountains.com under the books tab.

I started this tour on the first January 2009 and for the next four months I skied the 2700 km up the length of Norway from Lindesnes in the south to Kinnarodden in the north. I then had a snowy cycle on wintery roads for 400 km across the north of Norway to the Russian border. There I started the 3300 km paddling trip along the entire coast of Norway to the south and up to Oslo. About half of this 6400 km route is above the Arctic Circle.

This website contains every daily log from the trip (all 249 of them) and also a gallery of each of the 35 sections. To read the description for a journey you will need to refer to the map below. Click on it to go to a larger map, then click on the balloon to find the day. Once you have this you can hunt in the archives to the right for that day. The gallery is accessible via a tab above as is some other information. Thank you.

Live Route Map

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