The travel to the start

Posted by: James on December 31, 2008

I travelled down to Lindesnes on the 31 December. The proximity of New Year made travel difficult as there was a limited service. None the less I managed to string a train 2 busses and a taxi ride together to get there in the last light.

The light house is the most southerly point of Norway, separating the North Sea from Skaggerak, the sea between Denmark and Norway. It is an isolated and exposed spot and sees many storms. Today it was benign though.

cooking in the tentI pitched the tent nearby as there was no accommodation and settled in for the night quite early. After all the preparation of the last 6 weeks this was one of the few chances I could switch off and I slept long and well.

I was woken by the distant and then near sound of a mass of fireworks as the villages on the peninsular celebrated new year at midnight. This New Year was truly going to be another dawn for me. I rolled over in my sleeping bag and returned to sleep with a mix of trepidation and excitement.

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