Day 1. Lindesnes to Vigeland

Posted by: James on January 1, 2009

Distance: 28km | Time: 8.5 hours | Ascent: 320m | Descent: 320m.

lindesnes lighthouse where i started the tripI wanted an early start. Halfway through the day it is better to have the majority day behind you rather than in front of you. I would hope this be routine for the trip. So I managed to get up a 0500, eat a simple dry breakfast, and set of walking at 0600.

It was pitch black, punctuated by the slowly revolving prism of the lighthouse which cast 4 beams of light. I walked a couple of hours before the first hint of daylight flowed on the horizon. I was feeling good and the new boots, always a fear, where very comfortable. The rucksack however was going to take its toll and I could feel the 28 kg straining my back.

After pounding the tarmac toad for 3 hours and seeing no one daylight finally appeared. It revealed a very brown autumnal landscape. The brooks were frozen and icicles were everywhere hanging from rocks. There was some old frost on the ground as the temperature hovered around freezing.

icy beach on the lindesnes peninsularLindesnes Peninsular sticks out some 20 km into the sea so the climate here is tempered by the sea. Just inland from the coastal fringe on the body of Norway it would be about 10 degrees colder.

The road followed the convoluted coastline much of the way in and out of bays. Many of the bays were just freezing at the fringes. Eider and Mallard ducks abounded in each bay.

boatsheds in an icy covered bay on the lindesnes peninsularThe farms along the flatter bit of the coast were small tidy holdings. Not enough to support a family now but something to supplement another income and also continue a rural way of life, of which the Norwegians are very proud.

As I wearily approached Vigeland looking very out of place in my mountain wear with skis on the rucksack a car stopped. It was Erik. He was also starting the same ski trip north. We chatted as he continued to drive south to start his epic tomorrow.

I was glad to reach Vigeland. My feet were weary and my back sore from the 26 km pounding along the tarmac. With my weight and the rucksack my ankles had 140kg to content with. This would diminish soon hopefully.

At Vigeland I had a snack at the only bit of this large village which was open and realizing I would have to spend the night in the tent continued north a couple of km until I found some nice woods to camp in. The ground was frozen and white with accumulations of frost. The tent was up by 1600 and went straight into my sleeping bag.

For the first day I was blessed with good weather. The walk along the tarmac had taken its toll and the next 5 or 6 days to Ljosland where the snow starts will have to be a bit more relaxed. The weight of the rucksack played on my mind though. The little laptop and its accessories weighed nearly 3 kilos and this would make the difference. But I need it for this blog and general writing.

3 Responses to “Day 1. Lindesnes to Vigeland”

  1. Peter Urwin Says:

    Great that you’re finally underway James! Looking forward to reading about your exploits on the blog. All the best of luck for the trip from me and the family 🙂

  2. Robin B Says:

    Did not get a chance to talk before you left.
    Berlin seems very modern puncture with the odd communist relic.
    you only have to carry the rucksack till April.

    All the best in the world. Robin.

  3. Paul Clough Says:

    Hi James

    Good luck with this great adventure – hope all goes well during the months ahead.

    We all raised a glass to you on Hogmanay.

    All the best from Lunga!