Day 92. Innset weather and rest day

Posted by: James on April 2, 2009

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Day 92. One of the more boyant jokier huskies but maybe too thick to be a lead dogEven if the skis had come today there was a small chance I would leave. I had skied over 500 km without a break and I deserved one. I did not crave one though. So I did not get up until 0900. It was a great lie in.

After breakfast Regina Klauer took one of the dog sledging clients to Bardufoss airport. While down the valley in civilization she kindly did some errands for me. She investigated the whereabouts of the skis and found out they would probably get to Tromso tomorrow and Setermoen the day after on Saturday. She got a box so I could post maps and some camping gear back to Oslo. Finally she kindly did some shopping for me.

I spent the morning writing up yesterday’s blog and sending emails. I needed a catch up day for paperwork.

Day 92. Table for two pleaseBelow me Bjorn and a neighbouring musher were making dog food. This was a serious operation. Bjorn had purchased a second hand industrial mincing machine. It could do a wheelbarrow in one go. Into it went pigs organs, cows intestines and stomachs, fish and fish organs, nutritional pellets and supplements. It all got churned into a vat and was then mixed further. Finally the vat was emptied into 25 kilo trays. They managed to mince and mix enough food to fill 200 trays. The trays were then stacked in a freezer for use.

Day 92 The dogs shun their kennels and most are full of snowThey whole operation was industrial and efficiently carried out. The premises were built to ensure a smooth operation. Finally when every thing was minced and in the freezer the whole place and the machinery was power washed. This operation produced 5 tonnes of dog food. This was only enough for 2 months as the dogs each ate a kilo a day of this meaty fatty nutritional mix The raw materials came from a fish processing plant and slaughter house.

Day 92. Dinner timeRegina returned without the skis but with the food. I had then a very lazy afternoon. Occasionally I went out to see the dogs. Towards 1800 the dogs started to perk up and were soon all alert and on their feet looking at the food plant. They were anticipating the arrival of the foods sledge.

When it came out of the building there was a frenzy of excitement and noise It was slowly taken down each line of dogs and they were each served a large scoop of the meaty gruel. It was just placed on the snow. They gulped it down in seconds then licked the snow where it lay. After half an hour all 60 dogs were served and the noise was abating.

Most would get a second meal each morning to build them up again after their recent 1000 km trip. Bjorn and Regin were good to their dogs and fed them carefully and well.

After a pizza for dinner in their guest house I wrote the blog. I was mentally tired and could not wait to finish and get to bed.

It had been a restful day with enough activity centered around the dogs to satisfy my curiosity. I hoped the skis would arrive tomorrow but am not optimistic. It could be a frustrating wait which I foresaw but the equipment was dispatched from Oslo way too late which displeased me as I could have purchased equipment at Abisko at a cost but without the frustration of being held up.

2 Responses to “Day 92. Innset weather and rest day”

  1. e.c.baxter Says:

    Lovely birthday phone call thank you. Good luck with new skiis. Luv M&D

  2. Laurel Says:

    Hi James,

    I’ve just had a quick catch up of your blog after being away myself for the last 5 weeks. You’re going great guns, how do you do it!

    By contrast I was in 35-40 degrees of Indian heat. I could have done with some of that snow for a cool off. It was a full on trip, spicy, noisy, dirty, & of course hot. I did have a few days respite from the heat in the hills, staying at a tea plantation. A welcome relief.

    Keep up the pace. The sea beckons.

    Laurel x.