Stats from the ski leg of the journey

Posted by: James on April 29, 2009

Details of each stage of the skiing leg of the journey: 1st January – 29th April 2009

  • Duration: 119 days
  • Distance: 2,684 kms
  • Time skiing: 754 hours
  • Ascent / descent: 46,160 meters

For a detailed breakdown see the Skiing Stats page.

One Response to “Stats from the ski leg of the journey”

  1. Annika, David, Albin and Axel Says:

    Hello James

    We met you in the Viterskalscabin. We were the family with the two small children and a snowmobile, if you remember us. Just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Tärnaby in the snow and the wind without problems. Congratulations that you reached your goal and good luck on the rest of your trip. When we met you we couldn´t imagine that it was an expedition as large as this until we found this site today linked from the homepage of Utemagasinet.

    Best regards / Annika, David, Albin and Axel