Day 120. Mehamn rest and weather day

Posted by: James on April 30, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m

Day 120. Out with the skis after a loyal 2684kmI had a very long lie until 1000 until I was woken by a journalist from Finnmarks newspaper. He wanted a photo and interview. We agreed he would return in an hour.

I got up had a breakfast of bacon and eggs and just managed to finish it before the Finnmarks newspaper journalist returned. He took some photos and explained that another journalist would phone later.

I started on the blog as I had 2 big days to write up and photos to sort and label and that would probably take 4 hours.

The phone went and I expected it was the journalist. It was a journalist but a different one. She was from Fjell og Vidda, the prestigious magazine of the DNT, the Norwegian trekking association. It had some 200,000 members who received the magazine. We arranged a potential interview later in the summer as I paddled past Trondheim.

Then the Finnmarks newspaper journal rung and I gave a telephone interview. All this excitement was eating into my blog writing time and I didn’t get one day out of the way until mid afternoon.

I then put my skis together and went to enquire about posting them back to Oslo. It was easy enough but I had to go to the airport to get a plastic bag for them. This was fair enough as parts of them were covered in sticky wax.

Day 120. In with the bycycle allbeit chinese for the next 350kmI then went to pick up the bicycle from Vidar. He had a few to rent out. It was nearly new and looked the part with 24 gears. But it was Chinese and there were a few bits on it which were wobbly already. It would do the distance but I won’t be speeding down any hills in case the front forks shear.

In the evening I wrote up the last days skiing and today. I had wanted to leave tomorrow but there were still too many things to sort out and emails to send.

The cycle to. Kirkenes I reckoned would take some 5 days. It was 350 km. However the roads I would be going over were still very wintery and would go through mountainous regions. I would have to take a tent still if I got caught out. All this would have to go in my rucksack as there were no panniers. It could be a painful experience.

It was a dull day really. The weather was likewise dull with occasional drizzle which made it easier to do the office work.

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