Please Donate

I have set up a donation page on a charities website called This webpage channels you donation directly to Antahkarana Society International. The reason I have used an US webpage rather than a British or Norwegian one is because the Charity Antahkarana Society International is registered in the US. It was not possible to set one up using a British or Norwegian site.

You can donate via credit card, Visa or MasterCard. There are two very quick forms to fill in. Unfortunately it seems that “Visa Debit” wont work but “Visa” will.

  • The first requires a donation amount in US dollars. If you put $50 here then about £35 will be deducted from you card, $25 will mean about £17 is deducted etc. Then your name and any comment
  • The second form is a standard secure credit card web based form. It just requires you to enter your address and credit card details to process the transaction. Millions of people use forms like this every day and they are secure. There is a slight quirk here in that it prompts you to select “State” in the address.  To overcome this go to “Country” and if  UK is selected then “State” will blank out and “Postcode” will appear

To make a donation please click on the orange ‘sponsor me’ button above. You will be redirected the charities website and my fundraising page. On this page there is another link to click before the two secure and simple credit card forms

Once that is done your name and donation will be displayed on a list on the donation page, along with everybody else’s and the collection thermometer will turn a bit redder.

If you have any problems please email me via the Contact Page and I can make a donation on your behalf if you send a cheque once I am home in early September.

Thank you very much on behalf of myself, Deanna Campbell, Khenpo Tashi and the People of Limi