Day 51. Dalsbygda to East Aursunden

Posted by: James on February 20, 2009

Distance 39km | Time 9.5hrs | Ascent 470m | Descent 440m

Day 51. Looking back down to the farms and fields of DalsbygdaAfter a somewhat sleepless night, probably due to lack of exercise yesterday, I was ready to go at 0800. It had been snowing during the night and the lanes were covered in snow.

I left the village and was about to climb up onto the top road to Os when a lady journalist stopped her Jeep. She interviewed me for a half hour and took some photos for the the local Dalsbygda paper.

I then continued up to the quieter top road where there would be no traffic really. I had a great view here back down to the farms and fields of Dalsbygda in the snow. I passed one cluster of farm buildings where the farms, but not the buildings very old as they were, dated back 1000 years.

After leaving this cluster I had a very pleasant ski along the road covered in 10 cm of new snow for another 6 km until it reached the descent to Os. Os was similar in character to Vingelen and Dalsbygda with a Lutheran church and many old farms distributed in a number of clusters.

Day 51. An old farm and barn near OrvosAfter descending to Os I turned north east and went along a very quiet snowy lane for 9 km on the west of the Glomma river to the bridge over it. If I crossed the bridge it was a few km to Roros, while I could also stay on this tranquail lane to for another 8 km to Orvos. I made a phone call to confirm all accommodation in Roros was full and decided instead of camping in this town in the middle of a festival I would continue north. It was only 1330.

The road north was much of the same quiet back lane with old farms and extensive woods. There was one large riding stables with some 40 varied horses nervously running in snowy fields. In the woods there were frequent woodpeckers.

Day 51. The country lane from Os to OrvosAt Orvos the snowy lane ended at a busy road. I had to cut back south along this main road crossing the river Glomma again. After km there was another lane which went the 8 km north again to the village of Glomas. This road proved to be a bit busier than the lane up to Orvos but I had to take it or ski in the woods.

Surprisingly quickly I reached Glomas, which was more modern than the other villages of the last 2 days. There was a shop here so I enquired about accommodation. There was none. I decided therefore to continue to the Aursunden lake and camp at its east end.

It was only 3 km to the lake, past some lovely farms and cabins. At the lake the road veered north and I followed it looking for a place to camp and envious of the cosy glow coming from the cabins. When I reached a suitable camp spot there were two young men chatting with dogs in the dusk.

We got chatting. They were very friendly and had been at the Rorosmarten all day. After a half hours chat they suggested I pitch the tent and come up for coffee. They would have let me stay but were returning to Trondheim that evening.

I pitched the tent and went up to their beautiful, warm and cosy cabin. We carried on chatting. Their wives then suggested they return to Trondheim tomorrow and I was invited to stay. What generosity and hospitality. A beer, pizza and moonshine were quickly presented while my damp clothes were hung by the fire.

Their names were Lars and Robin. We chatted until 0100 during which time Lars offered to lend me his tent which was slightly bigger and yet lighter than mine. It would mean I would not have the same condensation problems. The tent was perhaps not quite as robust though. More surprising generosity.

I eventually got to bed shattered but very comfortable at 0100. I then stayed up for another hour until 0200 to write this as I would be camping tomorrow and did not want to get too far behind.

It had been a mixed day of skiing. Some of the lanes were idyllic, while the road to Glomas and East Aursunden lake was not. However the generosity of Robin and Lars was quite astounding and I am very grateful for the warm comfortable evening and good company. I hope my tales of my trip so far went some way to repay them. Occasions like this confirm everything good about humanity.

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