Current Location

Posted by: Tech Team on December 8, 2008

My current location is now displayed in the sidebar, this will be updated as I go from my Spot Device.

3 Responses to “Current Location”

  1. David Stronge Says:

    Best of luck on this adventure James. I’ll be keeping up to date on developments from balmy Ireland!


  2. Camilla Wikström Says:

    Hello James,
    I wish you good luck on this journey. Perhaps we meet in Jotunheimen in april (hope you have got further by then).
    Have you read the book “148 dagar i havskajak” by Jim Danielsson who paddled from Jakobselv (border to Russia) to Stockholm, Solna 1989.

    Best wishes

    Camilla W (we met in Nallo last year)

  3. e.c.baxter Says:

    Happy 2009, and lots of love & luck, thinking of you most of the time! love Mum & Dad XX