Day 152. Gamvik weather and rest day

Posted by: James on June 1, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m

Day 152.1 The first flower of the year spotted on June 1stIt has been a strong wind all night and in the morning it continued to blow a good force six. There were frequent hail showers and these battered into the windows rattling them noisily. This run of windy weather was quite prolonged and relentless and I know the ocean will calm down again and the sun will return soon. Indeed it seems tomorrow June 2nd will be a good day but then the winds will start to blow again for the rest of the week.

Day 152.5 The house Frank rented out in Gamvik was a comfortable place to wait out the weather.I struggled to find much to do all day so went for a couple of walks around the town between showers. There were many houses in the town, at least 50, yet there did not seem to be much employment apart from the school, museum and the very small fishing operation. Apparently there were a lot of retired people who lived here and quite a few commuted to Mehamn to work there. None the less it seemed a close and tightly knit community,

Day 152.4 a herd of reindeer wanders through the towns few streetsAs I wondered around the few streets I met a herd of reindeer that were doing the same and looking for some fodder in peoples unfenced gardens. The gardens were generally just rough lawns and nothing more. In one garden I saw my first wild flower of the year, a yellow primrose which must have blossomed in the last few days.

Day 152.3 A traditional A frame for drying fish, especially cod.The museum was closed but they had two outside exhibits the first was a traditional large A frame used for hanging cod on to dry when Gamvik was a viable harbour and many boats landed their catch here. The other exhibit was the boat or pramma which was the boat used to shuttle goods and people from the quay to the Hurtigruten ferry as the quay was too small for the ferry. The pramma was in use up to 1990 when the ferry ceased to stop at Gamvik.

Day 152.2 The now redundant shuttle boat or pramma at GamvikIn the evening I went to see Frank who owned the house and lived nearby to pay him for the comfortable 4 nights. It was dangerous to live so comfortably as one could get used to it and procrastinate too much about weather. I would definitely be much keener to move on if I had been cooped up in a damp tent for 5 days.

It had been another somewhat tedious day. The weather window tomorrow was looking more and more secure however from about 0400 onwards for up to 12 hours before the force 6 returns.

2 Responses to “Day 152. Gamvik weather and rest day”

  1. Stein Are Ulvang Says:

    Hello James, I see you are relaxing in Gamvik 🙂 Hopefully you will get good weather further. But this is Finnmark and it is spring. Hav e a nice and a safe trip all the way , we will follow you at the web. Best regards Stein Are

  2. Colin Says:

    Hi James. Sorry you’re not having weather like we are here in Ballater. Been 27 deg last few days, bit cooler today as wind now northerly. Do you need any FOC equipment or clothing? Let me know if you do. Hope weather improves.