Day 213. Ulvsund Fyr lighthouse weather and restday

Posted by: James on August 1, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m

Day 213.1 The lighthouse at Ulvsund is now an automatic beacon with the old building now a nice cafe and in the background is Furenes on StadI got up late without any urgency. The breakfast of homemade bread and many types of homemade jams was at 0900. It was a social affair with me chatting to the other guests and those who worked here, and Solvi who ran the place.

I then spent much of the morning and afternoon writing. It was good to have a free day in such nice surroundings where I could get tucked into the writing. I might have gone overboard a little with the amount I wrote on Day 211, but it was an eventful day. There were a few books here in the library and I could find some information on Stad from them.

In the afternoon I continued to write despite the fact it was a nice day outside. I moved from my room in the cellar which was very nice, but too secluded to the living room where there were a few people coming and going. Some more guests arrived and I chatted with them before writing more. Eventually around 1700 I was done and had uploaded all. I now had a free evening.

I sent a couple of emails before supper and made a few phone calls then went upstairs for food. Solvi has made a fish stew. If you had replaced the cod for smoked haddock it would have been the same as Cullen Skink, a traditional Scottish fish stew. There were about 10 other dinner guests.

After supper Solvi the host and the keeper of the lighthouse gave all the guests a short presentation of the history of the lighthouse since it was built in 1870 through to 1985 when the last lighthouse keeper left and the light became automatic. With no one living here the garden quickly became overgrown and the salty air soon started to peel the paint and rust the hinges.

In 2003 she contacted the Kystverket, who owner the lighthouse, and suggested restoring the building and opening it as a café and guesthouse. They agreed and she restored the building, tidied up the productive berry fruit garden and now runs a lively successful business there.

I went to bed quite early for a change and was refreshed for the next leg down to Bergen where I should be in a week. As the crow flies it is only 180 km so in reality that is probably around 250 km, with most of it through sheltered waters with the occasional fjord crossing, but nothing of Finnmarks dimensions

It had been a relaxing day in nice surroundings, but perhaps a bit too long in front of the screen.

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