Day 236. Lindesnes Fyr weather and restday

Posted by: James on August 24, 2009

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I woke early but the wind was rattling the tent. It was a force six and the sea was surging around the mouth of the inlet. Beyond that the sea was peppered with masses of white horses. It was as the forecast said and the forecast also said it would continue at this strength all day.

If I managed to get out of the inlet it would be hard work paddling into this wind. At the best I could hope to make 2 km per hour into this wind and it would be a hell of a slog for little gain. Indeed all I might gain would be a hernia or pulled tendon. I would not really get any shelter until I got to near Mandal some 20 km away.

Day 336.1 With Kristin Krohn Devold previously Norways defence minister and now Secretary General  of the DNTAs I was pondering the men from Lindesnes Fyr arrived. There were Simen and Ole-Jorgen who ran the museum and tourist attractions and Helge who was the lighthouse keeper and who welcomed me last night. All were very welcoming and wanted to know more about my trip. There was plenty of time to tell them in this weather.

They was also a film crew here with a group of Norwegian celebrities. One of them was Kristin Krohn Devold previously Norway’s’ defence minister and now Secretary General of the DNT. Simen introduced her and took a few photos while we chatted briefly about the outdoors.

The men from the lighthouse invited me in for a coffee and said I could use the office to write the blog. It was a perfect opportunity to catch up. I pretty much spent the rest of the morning and the entire afternoon writing and chatting with Simen and Ole-Jorgen. They were very generous and welcoming. I did indeed get everything I set out to do done.

 Lindesnes is the only lighthouse in Norway with a keeper still. The other 200 odd are all automatic now as are the 5000 beacons up and down this coast. Lindesnes was also the oldest lighthouse in Norway and dated from 1656.

Norway has an enormous amount of lighthouses considering its small population which just goes to show how significant coastal routes are here. It was much easier to go by the coast until quite recently than it was to go by road.

The wind did not really abate all day and it was sometimes quite reassuring to look out of the window onto the waves and surf knowing I had made the best choice to stay put. On the other hand I am a wee bit concerned I still have 450 km to go and only 13 days to do it in. It should be quite manageable but the blog might suffer.

Day 336.2 In the evening the wind and waves calmed down but it was to late to goJust in the evening the wind eased to a good force four and the sea state calmed down so it would have been possible to paddle for some two hours before darkness came. It was not worth getting soaked for 10 km though.

 It had been an interesting day at the lighthouse but I cannot afford many more like this if I am to reach Oslo on the 6th September.

6 Responses to “Day 236. Lindesnes Fyr weather and restday”

  1. Øyvind Amundsen Says:

    Congratulations!!! Fantastisk James. Tenk at du er tilbake hvor du startet. Vi onsker deg en fortsatt god tur videre til Oslo. RGDS Elena, Lasse, Elin og Oyvind.

  2. Torild Amundsen Says:

    Hallo James.

    Så flott at du har kommet så langt. Er imponert av deg. Jeg så etter deg ved Egersund i helga. (Overnattet ved Eigerøy Fyr) Kikket ut over havet og tenkte på deg som skulle padle der. Lykke til videre. Følger med deg på ferden.
    Torild (Toms sister)

  3. Jon Westgård Says:

    Hi J

    Stay strong dud, not far now!
    You got only “sjarmør etappen” left 🙂 good luck on the last bit!

  4. Simen Pihl Says:

    Takk form trivelig besøk på fyret James og fin omtale i din dagbok. Jeg har lagt ut et par bilder til på vår webside, ta en titt. Håper dagens etappe gikk fint, det så ganske tøft ut her utenfor fyret. Send oss et mail når du kommer frem.

  5. pb & kate Says:

    Congrats James!

    Your trip has made some great reading over the last 8 months!

    pb & kate

  6. Chuck Haberlein Says:

    Veldig flott nettside, Simen. Jeg har sent den ( )
    til flere norsk venner.