Day 2. Vigeland to Viblemo

Posted by: James on January 2, 2009

Distance: 19km | Time: 6 hours | Ascent: 120m | Descent: 50m.

I slept well. Too well. I  did not wake until 0800 and eventually got under way at 0930. I was tired still from yesterday and could not do another 30 odd km today.

frosty-fields-and-audnedals-riverIt was cold, but crystal clear.  There was no snow in the dry night but the fields and trees had recieved another layer of frost. Indeed the ground did look like it was covered in snow.

discs-of-ice-forming-on-the-audnedsdal-riverI made my way up the quiet tarmac road beside the calm Audnedal river. Ice was forming in various places and bunches of slush were slowly drifting down to form larger rafts. There was also a curious pool where there were many platelets of ice, like frozen lily leaves. Despite the sun it was a few below zero.

farm-in-audnedalen1I made quite good time and walked for 3 hours past beautiful farms to Vigmostad. Alot of the farmers were using the New Year break to collect timber from the surrounding forests. Soon this area would be covered in snow.

a-winters-scene-minus-the-snow-in-audnedalenThe rucksack was relentless and sometimes my dominating thought. It often blocked out the apreciation of the surroundings. This was especially true after the break at Vigmostad. Still I pushed on through more pretty hamlets, like Tryland.

Just before I reached Viblemo I spotted a campsite in the midst of some spruce. Here the ground was reasonably spoungy with needles I could get the snow pegs for my tent in. It was also near a brook which was surprisingly unfrozen.

I settled in for the night quite early as the temperature rapidly dropped to minus 9. I had problems with the mini laptop as it did not like the cold. Eventually after a spell in the bag it warmed up.

It was another fine day. The rucksack was heavy but I could so far live with it. My boots remained comfortable, rather surprisingly. A couple of misplaced seams in my trousers causing the only problem. All in all it was a fine day.

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