Day 204. Magnillen in Tingvoll weather and rest day

Posted by: James on July 23, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m I woke late. I had one task today and that was to catch up with the blog. It meant writing up five days. At the same time I could not be too rude to my visitors and hide away in the cabin all day. At 1000 Colin and son Rory made a wonderful cooked breakfast while Karen went for a run. We then ate outside in the still warm morning. It was an easy relaxed social affair. I then went to write some of the blog while the Bruce family went out with the two kayaks. Everybody wanted a shot in their new boats and it was easy for the parents to let the kids paddle by themselves in the sheltered harbour. I had a slow start and had to deal with some pressing office work regarding Edinburgh City Council. Not my favorite pastime. But eventually by lunch I had a day written up and out of the way. I then put on a wash and rattled three more days out of the way in the afternoon with some welcome breaks from the Bruce family. They were still absorbed with the new kayaks and in these still conditions were exploring the small islands just off the shoreline. Colin went shopping and got all the ingredients for a great BBQ while I finished off writing and put on another washing load. I then had a shower put on the clean cloths Colin brought and was dressed for dinner. The BBQ was an easy social affair in the overcast evening for a couple of hours. Before it got dark I sorted out the broken tent pole with Colin’s help and replaced the part on the stove from the spares he brought. Colin also leant me a better larger mattress for the rest of the trip and a good cagoule which would save the need to hunt around in Alesund or Bergen for a paddling jacket. Once all this was done we could make a fire and sit round for a few hours chatting while the kids put themselves to bed. We had an earlier night and all crashed out at 0200. It was totally dark and the first time I had seen it so dark for months. Tomorrow I will go to the island of Averoy to the west of Kristiansund to stay with some relations there before I continue in earnest again down the west coast towards Bergen. It had been a pleasant day but I was a bit of a hermit with the writing. Luckily it did not dominate the day and there was plenty of chat.

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