Day 231. Egersund weather and restday

Posted by: James on August 19, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m

I was hopelessly behind with my blog and other work so I had had planned to catch up in Egersund and stay here until it was done. The weather forecast partly helped me make the decision as it was forecast for a force 6 today and a force 7 tomorrow on Thursday. I could have paddled today for a bit in the force 6 but would have probably called it off 8 km from here once I reached the exposed coast at Stapnes. I would then be cooped up in the tent as this windy, and tomorrow very wet also, weather passes through.

So today I got up at 0800 and went straight into the blog. I managed to get half of it done by 1100 when I had to move cabin. I had to move because the medium sized cabins were all booked for the night and I had to take a smaller one. It was a bit cheaper and had a marvelous view over the large rapids which the river tumbled down before entering the basin with the parkland covered island in it.

There was a good breeze blowing most of the day so I anticipate it would have been force 6 on the outer coast. I went for lunch at the café opposite the campsite.

The couple who owned the campsite were curious about my venture and tipped the local press. I was writing in the afternoon when the journalist showed up. We chatted for an hour in the cabin and I directed her to my website to get photos and more info.

In the late afternoon and early evening I pretty much relaxed and phoned a few people. I neurotically checked tomorrows forecast every hour or so. It seemed that the force 7 would materialize after all with some heavy rain showers. If this was the case it was pointless to leave here, so I will probably hire a bike from the campsite and go and explore Egersund and do some food shopping in town centre some 3 km away.

I am a bit concerned if I stay here tomorrow that I will only have paddled 2 days out of the last 6 but the longer term forecast looks more promising and I still have good time to reach Oslo on the 6th as long as there is not a sequence of gales.

It was a blog day. They are usually rather boring and tedious with little excitement. Sometimes the creativity offset the tedium; but it did not today. Only 18 days left to Oslo now.

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