Day 243. Nevlunghavn weather and restday

Posted by: James on August 31, 2009

Distance 0km | Time 0hrs | Ascent 0m | Descent 0m

I had to write the blog in the morning as I had not done it last night. The weather made this easy as there was a force four and light drizzle or Scotch mist. I wrote from 0800 until 1000 then packed up all the dry bags and went up to the reception to hand the key in. The lady who worked there, Reidun Berg, had been very helpful to me.

The camping place here, called Gurvika, was just composed of cabins. It was not really open to the public but was set up by a trust to provide cabin accommodation for handicapped and was booked by various organizations. It was only because I arrived from the sea in a kayak in the rain that she took pity on me and rented me a free cabin. I had not known this at the time.

Day 243.1 The flag at Gurvika was rigid in the force six wind for most of the dayWhen I returned to the cabin to take my bags down the weather deteriorated still further and the wind was up to a force five. The flag in the campsite was cracking in the wind and even the relatively sheltered bay was full of white caps. The islets beyond were ringed white with exploding surf. I stared out of the cabin looking at this and the willow trees whipping in the drizzle and increasing wind. It would be madness to go really. I would not gain much before I had to seek shelter from the sea and hide in my tent.

I decided to stay a day here as the forecast said it would not improve. Just then Reidun arrived to clean the cabin. She said it was OK to stay another day. In fact she wanted me to meet a local journalist and also to come to dinner that evening. She also said I could use the heated saltwater swimming pool on the complex.

I did some writing in the afternoon. I looked out of the window from time to time and was delighted I was still at the cabin and not out in the weather which was raging outside. It was a good force six all afternoon. I was getting worried about the time factor again but it cannot be helped.

With the writing done, I sent a mailshot and then had a siesta. I preferred this to go and have another look around the very nice, but very wet and windy, Nevlunghavn. When I woke I went for a swim in the heated pool. It was apparently 34 degrees and it felt warm, it was a good 30 degrees warmer than Varangerfjord three months ago.
The swimming pool was also very wheelchair friendly with long tiled ramp down to the water.

The journalist, Roy, arrived with Reidun at 1830. We chatted before Reidun had to go to finish the meal. The interview was very relaxed. We would have supper together so there was no need to make frantic notes. We chatted for an hour before we walked up to Reidun’s lovely home, a typical Nevlunghavn white wooden building with its white picket fence and tidy garden. Unfortunately I forgot my camera.

The meal was simply amazing and there were huge amounts of it beautifully served on large white plates. It was roast pork with crispy crackling, broccoli, carrots, boiled potatoes, caramelized baby potatoes, surkaal, cranberry sauce and pepper gravy. I had three helpings. There was also a delicious pudding of rice cream and strawberry sauce. Reidun was a very competent cook and host.

We all chatted for a few hours. I heard about Roy’s work as a professional healer and accomplished amateur journalist with his website called which covers a lot of local issues especially the recent ‘Full City’ ship disaster.

Full of delicious healthy food I walked back through the charming town of narrow streets lined by the white houses in the dark at 2200. It was almost like I was a midget wandering through some expensive white dolls houses draped in laced and separated by the white picket fences. I did some writing and looked at the depressing weather forecast before I had an early night.

It had been a dull day in the morning but this was brightened up by the swim and then the fantastic meal and good company in the evening.

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