An journey skiing length of Norway…

See Route MapEveryone who has the opportunity should make a long wilderness journey sometime in their lifetime. This one in Scandinavia will hopefully be mine. Why am I doing it? First and foremost it is because I want to. I want to immerse myself in the pristine wilderness which is still found in Scandinavia. Secondly I have the opportunity and am excited about the challenges to be enjoyed. And thirdly I will have the possibility to raise funds and the profile of a very worthwhile educational project in rural Nepal.

On the first January 2009 I will start a 2700 km ski trip up the length of Norway from south to north. I will then cycle the 400 km across the top of Norway to the Russian Border. I will then kayak the 3000 km along the coast of Norway from the Russian border in the north to the south and then on up to Oslo. About a third of this 6100 km route will be above the Arctic Circle. The ski should take about four months to complete and the paddle should also take four months to complete.

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