In aid of an education charity working in remote Nepal

Limi Valley is a remote valley in the very north west of Nepal. It consists of three villages which are culturally Tibetan. Because it is so remote Educational facilities in the Limi Valley barely exist. However in the last few years two people, namely Deanna Campbell and Khenpo Konchog Tashi, have done much to address this. It is a huge and daunting task but with the little resources they have they are making huge inroads.

While I am doing this skiing and kayaking journey because I want to I am also trying to raise awareness and collect funds for the excellant work they are doing in Limi Valley. If you click on the links below under ‘further reading’ you will find a lot more information about this remote valley and the work they are doing.

The location of Limi Valley is on the three thumbnail images below. Click on them to enlarge.

Further reading