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Posted by: James on September 9, 2009

Some of the children at what passes for a school in Jang in Limi Valley in NepalI would like to thank everybody who has donated or made promises of donations to help build schools in Limi valley so the kids dont have to sit on sacks or cardboard on cold earth floor.

It is not too late to donate and you can join the list of generous people by clicking the donate tab above or send me an email with a pledge and we can sort something out.  Will I take it personally if you don’t donate? Probably.

There have been some very generous donations and it is not necessary to match them as it is the thought which counts. So even a handful of dollars will be highly appreciated.


Throughout this trip I have had the pleasure of some exceptional Norwegian hospitality in addition to the wonderful and pristine nature which I have had the privilege to experience.

I would especially like to thank.

• Solbjørg Kvålshaugen of Fondsbu for the respite when I was feeling low.
• Lars-Erik Stover for the warm evening at Glomos.
• Elizabeth Green of Skalstugan for giving me shelter and food in a snowstorm.
• Steinar Gaundal of Gaundal for his exceptional hospitality and the scooter tracks and food.
• Bjorn and Regina Klauer for the stay at Innset.
• The unforgettable Ivar Olsen of Tromso for the stories and the hjemmebrent
• Peder Janssen of Bekkarfjord for the meal and evening with his family.
• Stein Are Ulvang and Kimek in Kirkenes for being exceptionally useful with the kayak
• James Roe at Grense Jakobselv for helping me out with kayak transport
• The Berlevag male choir for the hearty applause.
• Astor of Maasoy island for the seagulls eggs, the Lagavulin and the light-hearted evening in his home.
• The Bergly sisters at Hakkstabben for the great meal and warm bed.
• The very nice couple who ran the shop at Bergsfjord and gave me shelter for two nights.
• Frank and Ida Naess at Russelv for taking me into their home for two days at Russelv on Lyngen.
• Bjorn of Bjornskajakk in Tromso for fixing my rudder and helping me out throughout my time in the north.
• Arve and Dagmar Johansen of Lavangsnes for a great meal with the family.
• Evelynn Brattström and Klara Jansson, Sisters-in-Arms for solidarity.
• William Pedersen and Bent and Inge Skauen at Husvaer for hospitality and helping me repair the kayak
• Colin and Karen Bruce for the new equipment and some great food at Magnillen
• Frederik and Sissel Johansen for a great evening on Averoy
• Johanna Gulestø for letting me sleep in a great cabin on her farm at Gulestøa.
• Richard Lennox for a great meal and a balcony to crash on in Askvoll
• The entire Amundsen family for hospitality, food, great company and good humour and much more including my Brother-in-Arms Tom Amundsen
• Jan and Gunn Eide of Ystebo for giving me shelter from the storm and a great evening
• Simen Phil at Lindesnes for the use of the lighthouse facilities and good humour
• Rita at Ryvingen Fyr for the bed and the meal at her lighthouse
• Ingrid Bibow for spoiling her ex son in law on Aroy island by Kragero
• Jon Westgaard, a Brother-in-Arms, for his previous laidback company up north around Varangerfjord
• Reidun Berg and Roy Myrlund of Nevlunghavn for the company, great meal and eventual photographs.




The Support Team of Oyvind Jorfald and Hartmut ListeI would also like to thank the Support Team of Hartmut Liste and Oyvind Jorfald for taking their role seriously, sorting out the customs duty, paying the phone bills, posting and receiving numerous packages and organizing a great welcome committee complete with bagpipes.




I would also like to thank Dave Felton at Tiderace for going out of his way to sort out any problems.




I would also like to thank Richard Cross and Paul Clough for all the advice and work they have put in to maintain and repair the website, and the hours they gave up to bail me out when things went wrong.




Finally before I leave this wonderful country as ‘Norgesvenn’ I would like to thank Norway in general.

Takk for meg!









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